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Sarah Maynard


Sarah likes to work with a whole team from design, marketing, manufacturing and finance, so that she can help companies ideas progress from concept right through to production. Her specialism is in sourcing and developing new and innovative materials and processes; helping to commercialise and implement them into manufacturing for production.

Sarah Maynard was the interior designer of the hugely acclaimed Aston Martin Vantage and DB9. She has worked for leading clients in both the automotive sectors ( Aston Martin, Nissan, Lincoln, Lotus ), Marine ( Princess  Yachts and Fairline ),

Fashion( Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent and Chloe in Paris) and interiors ( Harrods,Harvey Nichols, Victoria and Albert Museum, and Neiman Marcus in the US)


The Team

From top paint specialists, trimmers & fitters, to textile printers & craftsman to expert CAD modelers/animators, experienced project planners & futures forecasters - we at SML tailor a team to facilitate your needs

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