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Ide's hub


We provide a team building design and prototype facility half and hour from London and close to both Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Our barn can help facilitate design teams ideas ( on a project by project basis) in a more relaxed rural and thought provoking atmousphere, with the end objective to help teams conceptualise their ideas into physical models/ materials created and made on site.

We provide advice and support on colour and materials focusing on a core strength and knowledge of how to implement into manufacture and build for production

We can put together project specific specialists in disciplines cross board from paint, trimming, printing, manufacture, CAD, etc.

We encourage cross feritlization,encouraging bringing your whole team ( including design, finance, marketing and manufacture) on a project away from your site  to help bring it forward and promote understanding cross departments

We can include fresh, organic food and refreshments including asados at our farm !




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